Friday, July 18, 2008

65. Nan

Nan is a good friend of mine who is profoundly deaf. Although she struggles to communicate she is assisted by her charming personality. I wrote this poem for her after she had sat smiling throughout a concert, unable to hear any of it! Fred, her husband, tells me that she enjoys reading my Blogs, so I thought she'd like to see herself on the Internet.

(You can see how sweet she is, on my Clickpicks page.)


Some find their glass half-empty,
And some, of a happier kind,
Feel their glass is still half-full,
With some wine still left behind.
They concentrate on the colour,
The aroma of the wine,
And, even if life lets them down,
They still feel that it's fine.
They refuse to get too dreary,
They refuse to shed a tear,
Though they may miss half the music
Because they cannot hear.
Nan is the girl in question,
Nan of the smiling face.
She may not hear too clearly,
But she acts with charm and grace.
She joins in every party,
She smiles a cheerful smile,
She never let's things get her down
For that is not her style.
For her the wine still bubbles,
In a beautiful half-full glass,
For Nan is a lady we treasure,
Yes, Nan is a lady with class.


AJEYA RAO said...

Nice poem...And I would like to meet Nan, she appears to be like one of th efew in this world who celebrate life.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

good poem. Great outlook.

gma said...

Great poem! I try to keep the motto "my cup overflows".
Isn't it funny how 2 people can see the same situation differently?
Some only see what's missing... some delight in every little thing they have.

I like Nan's attitude!

Kat said...

Nan must've felt delighted reading this poem. So did I.

p.s. Clickpicks link missing since last week. Computer's gone on strike???