Thursday, July 31, 2008

79. That Grey Area

I'm not sure whether this is Comment, Personal or Such is Life! What I DO know is that only parts of it are true and you can work-out which parts yourselves! I asked my husband, Malcolm, to pose for me so that I could put a picture on my Clickpicks Blog but he refused! So just lean back and imagine!


My husband's bought new underwear.
He looks a charming sight,
When he stands mid-way undressing
Going bedwards late at night.
And I'm dazzled by his manly charms,
At the breaking of the day.
For his singlet and his boxers
Are a tasteful shade of grey.
He's always been conservative
And liked to do what's right.
For forty years he's dazzled me
With undies snowy white!
But now he looks all manly,
Like a centrefold, no less,
And I really get a kick
Out of his stages of undress.
'But why' I say' This drastic change?
This modern deviation?'
And then he makes a not-too-subtle
Biting observation.
'Why buy white underwear?'
He says, in a meaningful sort of way,
'For when you do the washing
White always ends up grey?'


ctdweller said...

This certainly made me smile for its poignantly evoking prose. I am 55 but sometimes I wonder why I feel so tired. I envy you and all that grace and stamina and verve.

It's great to be able to share this thought with you.


Bear Naked said...

That is funny but what is funnier is that you asked your husband to pose for a photo.
I definitely know what kind of reaction my husband would give me to such a request.
Thanks for my giggle of the day.

Bear((( )))

bobbie said...

Love this poem. Too bad he would pose for a pic.

Pauline said...

ha - he should be grateful you did not turn his undies pink!

Kat said...

What a tribute :-D

Leaned back and imagined... your smug look, when asking to pose..!