Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yellow Rose

I trust Texas is no longer suffering drought!

To the Tune 'Yellow Rose of Texas.'

When it's raining down in Texas
They give three mighty cheers
But when there's drought in Texas
And not a cloud appears
They go to church on Sunday
And find there's been a change
The clergymen in Texas
Have been forced to rearrange.

The Baptists have to sprinkle,
Where once they would immerse,
And Methodists use wet-wipes!
I don't know which is worse!
And then the Presbyterians
Think rain-checks have to do,
And the Catholics want miracles.
Will wine-to-water do?

A drought's a drought all over,
Down-Under it's the same.
For years the grass has withered;
It really is a shame.
Let's keep our sense of humour
Through all our tears and pain.
Let's keep our spirits buoyant
Till we shout
'Here comes the rain!'


gma said...

This is cute. The same could be said for Arizona I guess. I don't know since I don't go to church.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. We need humor wherever, and as much, as we can find these days. I've enjoyed my visit here. Thank you.


We have been through terrible waterless days here in Chennai - but this made me smile

Kat said...

And they should change the kiddy-garden rhyme to...

Rain rain... come again..!!!!

Sandra Leigh said...

Oh, I must send a link to my Texan sister. This is great.

Angie said...

Rinkly Rimes BryAntics!
That's one big jump.
Two names in one for YELLOW.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Single yellow rose,
no matter where it grows, brings
delight, ah, delight.

My Mellow Yellow

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I remember a boy in my grade 6 class who used to sing the original version whenever he had a chance. Yes, he was from Texas!

Quilt Works said...

Wonderful post!

...A field of golden sunflowers!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I love this! Yes, we Catholics think wine will do just fine! LOL

Judie said...

RR, this is FABULOUS!!! It is right up my alley, thoughtwise.

21 Wits said...

Lovely post, and charmingly funny, and your last line, reminds me of another song! It's songs in everything I see today! Hooray!

anitamombanita said...

haha. that was great. Greetings from southern Chile!

Gail said...

Super fantastic!

Judee said...

Funny one, so true, too, a real taste of home.

Ames said...

I really liked this. And Florida is no different from Texas. Even though we are a tropical state we still swelter down here without a good rain!~Ames

Anonymous said...

Very clever.

Jenny said...

I loved this!

When we were in TX it was so humid I think they could have wrung the air out to take care of the crops!

I love the fun imagery here!

Brilliant writing.