Wednesday, July 16, 2008



Look on the soapsuds! You will see
A vision of all eternity!
See how each bubble blooms awhile
Then bursts with pyrotechnic style!
See how they follow, each on each,
Permanency out of reach;
Proud and rotund, a'gleam with light,
Each bubble floating ego-bright.

Each liquid universe is bound
In on itself, a gleaming round!
Look in each bubble as it rides;
Make out its delicate insides.
See every fleck and every spot.
Discern each whirling twirling dot.
Thus are we riding, fleck on fleck,
On some unimportant tiny speck

What was the Big Bang? Just a 'Pop!'
In a process that will never stop.
Time had no start. That's sure enough.
Time is peculiarly human stuff.
Time is a concept we invented.
Endlessness cannot be prevented.
The ticking of clocks is pure delusion;
The hours and minutes an illusion.

To the edge of Space we'll peer and pry.
'We'll see it someday!' that’s the cry.
But the edge is only of this sphere;
Reach it and other globes appear,
Each one a universe with stars,
Each with its Jupiter and Mars!
Each with its Earth and puny Genes,
Striving to find their ways and means.

Now, as we gaze upon the suds,
Bubbles are growing! Tiny buds,
Reaching maturity, bright full-blown,
Each bubble thinking it’s all alone.
Yet, as it bursts, another grows,
In a process that neither stops nor slows.
Consider the soapsuds' wild inanity!
Bubble and burst!
There goes humanity!


Anonymous said...

Hi RR,

Thanks so much for stopping by... you are a real gem... and yes... I have a very dramamtic and melodramatic life... and it is all rather comedic... and thanks for heping me realize just how lucky am !!!!



To finding a new blog buddy!

Kat said...

How sweetly you've captured life... in a 'bubbly' poem. It's a bubble.... felt humbled..!!

P.S. Welcome back after six long years... it did look so :)

Shashidhar Sharma said...

Dear Brenda
'Each liquid universe is bound, in on itself.. ' great thought and i liked the verse... thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what a bubbling piece,
apt and cute..
Thanks for sharing it with potluck poetry.
u rock!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a meditation on soap suds... I'm astounded that anyone could make a poem of that length fun and very much readable purely based on suds! Kudos.. no mean feat.


Luke @ WordSalad

(mine are here -

Anonymous said...

(I realise of course you are using the suds/bubbles ase microcosmic analogies/metaphors, but I still have to tip my cap...)

Rachel Hoyt said...

What a beautiful metaphor for life Brenda! The rhyme and meter make the message sweet as Splenda. :o)

Rhyme Me a Smile

Anonymous said...

Amazing to find so much in bubbles...the big bang!!! Shows what a poet can do when aware of the little things.

Anonymous said...

LOL! You are an inspiration :O)

Teresa said...

I am amazed that you found such a great poem in such a mundane topic! Wow!

Anonymous said...

This was such a delight to read - Stephen Hawking, now he should re-design his whole black hole theory based on the existence of soap suds!

Fyodor Lewis said...

Fantastic poem. I just hope our bubble doesn't burst anytime soon ;)

vivinfrance said...

Lovely jubbly bubbly. I wish I could 'do' metaphor.

"On some unimportant tiny speck" I've often thought that - we are so insignificant in the scheme of things. Like a giant looking at microbes.

Anonymous said...

What a great metaphor! The best I've read of yours so far, I think.

Anonymous said...

How very clever and absolutely delightful. You capture it all with this metaphor.

irene said...

There's wisdom in soap suds. Clever!

barbara said...

I can see why you re-used this--it deserves a few more readers. Neat ending (or perhaps "clean" would be more apt)

Anonymous said...

A serendipitous bit of poetry. Probably more truth to the view of creation than most realize that by some physicists the universe is held to be a bubble or elliptical shaped structure. Humans have such a marvelous struggle trying to make sense of impossibility. I like you poem.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, now I will never feel strange again about being fascinated by bubbles, love em, and your well thought out theory,


Wayne Pitchko said...

wonderful indeed.....thanks for sharing

booguloo said...

I loved the stanza concerning time.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

lovely bubble words.
you never fail to impress.

Unknown said...

Such a fun piece clarifying the fact that beauty and wonder exist all around us, all the time, if we but have the eyes to see them.

Zoe Francesca said...

If only we could learn to see what is truly around us... fun poem. :)

marit said...

this is an original subject for sure!

Unknown said...

A very refreshing piece. Love the depth of the exploration here. Very nicely done. Thanks