Wednesday, July 16, 2008

63. Bella Sleeps

Two entries today! I'd already published my 'deep and meaningful' 'Froth" (62) when I received an email from someone I only know as KtJ52324 (maybe she's a spy!) asking for a poem about a new baby! I'll include her notes as there may be statistics that I've left-out (statistics rarely rhyme!). By the way, I didn't know what a 'gator' was! (Surely not an Alligator!)
Hollie is married to Ronen, they got married on March 23, 2007.Daddy is a University of Virginia Cavalier graduate (and big fan), and Mommy is University of Florida Gator! Bella isn't quite sure who she's going to be a fan of, though shes probably going to be a Gator!They live in Atlanta, GA.They have a newborn baby girl named Isabella (Bella for short) She was born on June 5, 2008She weighed 6lbs. 10.7oz & was 19" long!Nona, Peepaw, and Aunt Steph drove from Florida when Hollie got admitted to the hospital on June 4, 2008, it's an 8 hour drive...they were the only ones there with Hollie & Ronen when Bella was born.Peepaw never wants to put Bella down, and always thinks he needs to hold her. He hog's her!!Nona stayed a week with Ronen, Hollie, & Bella to help out.Peepaw drove back home to Florida with Aunt Steph that weekend, but Peepaw, Shane, Heidi, Averie & Harrison all drove up the next weekend so they could meet Bella, and so Peepaw could hold her again.Averie & Harrison are Bella's cousins, they're 6(averie, girl) & 5(Harrison, boy)..they weren't too sure about her! But, they held her and took pictures! They do love her for sure.She keeps Hollie up all night long now! (she sleeps an average of 2-3 hrs between feedings)Hollie tends to constantly ask Bella what Mommy is doing wrong! (because she doesn't want to sleep when it's nighttime for very long!)Bella loves her naps all day, so peaceful when she sleeps!Hollie's parent's are in Florida (they go by Nona & Peepaw *above they're mentioned already)Ronen's Mom passed away when he was young, but they know if she was here, she would just be amazed by Bella.She loves her swing, put prefers being held.Car rides put her right to sleepShe's already been on a car trip to Florida to meet everyone when she was 4 weeks old.
Bella means beautiful, Bella means fair.
No wonder that everyone's wanting a share!
There's Hollie, she's Mommy, there's Ronen, he's Dad,
And both have at one time been called 'undergrad'.
The folk of Atlanta all line-up to call.
And Bella sleeps peacefully right through it all!
Now Nona and Peepaw appear on the scene!
For Bella's a Princess and Hollie's a Queen,
As grandparents everywhere like to attest,
Of all the world's grandchildren their's is the best.
They hold her so carefully since she's so small
And Bella sleeps peacefully right through it all!
Here's Heidi and Averie come for a while!
The thought of a baby makes everyone smile!
While young Shane and Harrison beg for a hold
Of that dear little Bella, for she's good as gold.
Aunt Steph wants a cuddle when she comes to call,
And Bella sleeps peacefully right through it all!
She sleeps in her swing and she sleeps in her car
And everyone says 'Wow! That baby's a star!'
She's dandled and cuddled and passed all around
And still she sleeps peacefully, never a sound!
But Bella is clever, yes, Bella is bright,
She's thinking 'I won't sleep at all come tonight!'


Indrani said...

Such beautiful lines for Bella! Reading them, I felt the urge to cuddle her myself. :)

Bear Naked said...

Isn't Bella such a pretty name for a little girl baby.
I only have grandsons, one is almost five, one is two and the newest just turned one.
I have been leaving hints with my son and daughter in law and also with my daughter and son in law but they're not listening.
A grand daughter would be GRAND.

Bear((( )))

Kat said...

That's how the kiddies minds work...!!!!