Thursday, July 3, 2008

49. My Inheritance

An extra today as I'm off on another 'spree' this-evening. (Let's hope it's more successful than the last!) I'm attending a Farewell Dinner and there will be a lot of people there that I haven't seen for 17 years! Hence the long look in the mirror resulting in this little offering! My parents weren't in the least grotesque (though they sound so here!) but there were physical signs of ageing that I was going to avoid like the plague! Nuff said!


My Dad had rheumy eyes; the tears kept dropping.
The winter winds caused many bouts of mopping.
But he was old; that's how it had to be.
And what had rheumy eyes to do with me?

My Mum had folds of loose and crinkly skin
That hung and waved about beneath her chin.
But she was old; that's how it had to be.
And what had turkey-necks to do with me?

Now I've discovered I have reached the stage
Of realising I'm 'a certain age'.
The eyes from Dad, the turkey-neck from Mammy!
It isn't fair! I got a double whammy!


Bear Naked said...

Another wonderful poem from you.
I have a *little linky* to your blog today on mine.
Come over for a visit.

gma said...

Oh I am so glad you stopped by my blog. It is nice to meet you. I'm sure you also got your positive attitude and delightful poetic style in your DNA too!

Indrani said...

Very touching Brenda. Our parents' ailments are future glimpses of ourselves.

Cheers, Indrani.

Anonymous said...

As I leaned in to the mirror to put my mascara on the other day I almost dropped the brush. I was putting makeup on my grandmother's eyes!

Kat said...

But you look so lovely....
Where's this double Whammy?