Wednesday, February 6, 2013



We all know someone tetchy,

Someone who's touchy too,

Someone very easily riled

Who bridles out of the blue.

This man is clearly sulking,

Someone's spoken out of turn.

He could have turned the other cheek 

But such people never learn.

'Tch-tch' is his favourite sound

When he shows his irritation.

Others  have to watch their words

When making conversation.

If this man decides to stay in bed

That's better for everyone.

Living with a tetchy person

Isn't too much fun. 



Some would see a flaw and some a funny chance.

Some would stop and look, some give it not one glance.

But a certain someone saw this as a little artistic joke....

Instead of a flaw he saw it as the outline of some smoke!

He added a little factory and, lo, it was complete!

Now people stop and chuckle as they're walking down the street

To see a little  cartoon where once they saw a wall,

And to see a little  picture where nothing was at all.

' Don't look for the flaws as you go through life', my mother used to say,

Meaning that to notice them simply doesn't pay.

But I think we should notice them and see them as the start

Of a little bit of nonsense that's almost a work of art.

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