Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hint of Truth/The Blues


It's just a throwaway line, that's meant to make us laugh

And yet a hint of truth is there as well.

Pretending we don't care is often the way to go

If someone makes our life a living hell.

A bully only enjoys his 'craft' if he can get 'results'

A happy smile can turn his wrath away.

Pretending not to care is a weapon of defense

So we can learn to cope another day.


I wonder why they say 'the blues'

As though that colour is bad news!

I find blues of every shade,

Even when, in time, they fade,

Restful, soft and really charming.

To say  they're sad is quite alarming

And yet the lyrics of blues songs

Always refer to unrighted wrongs,

Broken hearts and Love gone awry,

Words designed to make  us cry.

It's very odd! Nobody thinks

Of saying 'Listen to her sing the pinks.'

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