Wednesday, February 27, 2013

November Song

I wonder how many people are left to recall this hauntingly melancholy song.
I've changed the words to suit my own mood.


The time was very short from May to November
And it's coming soon, the chill of December.
And sunny days decrease and the years fly by,
And we're all aware that we have to die.
It has gone far too soon,
This life of mine,
Remember September?
'So far, so good' we say, and yet we know
We've had our turn; it's time to go.

The lovely summer rose must bite the dust;
It curls and fades for it knows it must.
It sees the buds below, demanding room;
 It knows it dies for they have to bloom.
And the days dwindle down
To a precious few.
November. December.
And though it fades and dies and disappears
It still keeps smiling through its tears.

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