Monday, December 21, 2009

Noteworthy Idea!




How about this for a great idea? Post-It notes in a pen!
You're sure to need to take notes soon, you simply don't know when!
Those useful little yellow squares are always in demand,
And a pad of them is rarely, if ever, close at hand.
But if they're coiled up inside the pen, joined by just perforations,
You can rip one off and scribble, in all sorts of situations!

I wonder if this signature was ever on a Post-It note! See here:


Coffeedoff said...

Nice yellow photo and super rhyme. I'd like one of those, but I bet I couldn't find it when needed!

chubskulit said...

Nice idea, great shot.

My Mellow Yellow, Merry Christmas!

Joops said...

hmmmm, maybe.

Mellow yellow with our new eye candy, happy holidays!

Eva Gallant said...


Chie Wilks said...'s a pretty cool pen...i would like to have one..

mine is up too

Manang Kim said...

Oh yes who could ever forget the post-it-note...and I love the pen too ^_^!

Nativity scene